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How to get Gurdwara Sahib by train, bus, and car.

How to access Gurdwara Sahib

Directions from Myogadani Station to Gurdwara Sahib by Walk 🚶

☬ How to get to Gurdwara Sahib ☬

Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line🚊
[Myogadani Station (M23) ]

☞ 5min walk from the station Exit1


↓Route Search↓

By Bus 🚌

☬ How to get by bus ☬

Take the Toei Bus 🚍
[Ōtsuka-Nichōme (Ōtsuka 2)]

☞ 2min walk from the bus stop

☞ You can get the bus to "Ōtsuka-Nichōme"

     from "Ikebukuro Station(都02乙)",     

     "Otsuka Sta.(都02)", "Okachimachi Sta.(都02)"

     and "Kinshicho Sta.(都02)".



By Car 🚗


☬ How to get by car ☬

By Road 🚘
[Route6(Edo-Dori) to Route254(Kasuga-Dori)]

By Highway (Shutoko) 🚘

☞Take the↓

Metropolitan Expressway No. 5 Ikebukuro Route

[Gokokuji Exit (505)]



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