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Introducing about "Sewa" (Selfless service)

What is SEWA?

Seva also Sewa, short for the word Karseva refers to "selfless service", work or service performed without any thought of reward or personal benefit. In the Punjabi language, the person performing such service is called a Sevadar. Anybody can do Seva without any caste, race, and religion.

All Sikhs are encouraged by their Guru (Guru Granth Sahib) to perform Seva or Selfless Service. This is not only good for community relations but also is good for the moral uplifting of the person. You will find Sikhs engaged in free service in Gurdwaras washing dishes, cleaning the floors, serving food, etc.

Sikhs are also encouraged to help the community by performing unpaid work in hospitals, 'old peoples' homes, community centers, etc. Volunteers engaged in Seva are referred to as Sevadars and for many people this activity forms an essential part of their life, providing spiritual fulfillment and practical benefits.

Sikhism is founded on principles of Sarbat da Bhalla - working towards the "common good of all". For Sikhs, this means reaching out to serve and uplift all of humanity as an expression or devotion to the Creator. Many other Sikh institutes, such as Guru-ka-LangarKirtanPaath, etc., depending on the performance of Seva by many in the congregation. So the principles of Seva underpin many Sikh values - such is the importance given to Seva in Sikhism.

Sewa Information

You can donate for Karah Parshad and Guru Ka Langar
See details on below
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Karah Parshad Sewa

You can also contribute with ingredients such as Atta, Desi Ghee, and Sugar.  

5000 Yen


Guru Ka Langar Sewa

You can also contribute with ingredients such as Masala, Salt, and Atta, etc.  

15000 Yen

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